About Us

    Tamilanda Dalmatians is a small kennel, established in 1996. It came about at Christmas 1995 when Kevin gave me an I.O.U. for one Dalmatian puppy (we all know puppies are not for Christmas!!!).  Needless to say, the search was on.

    At that time, already subscribing to `Our Dogs`,  and in that particular week`s edition there was a supplement on the Top Stud and Top Sire from 1995. I opened the supplement and there he was – the most magnificent Dalmatian you could ever see. He simply took my breath away – Ch. Salsusa Blackjack JW (Jake). I need look no further – I wanted him – a three years old stallion of a dog. I didn`t waste any time.


    I picked up the phone and rang Mark Cook who lived in Chigwell with his partner Denise Dulston. When Mark answered I said “Hello, my name is Donna Whincup and I want your dog”.  Mark laughed and said I`m sorry, but it doesn`t quite work like that. I replied “No – you don`t understand, it`s him, I just have to have him”.

    To cut a long story short, Mark and Denise became close friends of ours and I did get my first Dalmatian – Poppy (Marzelina Sea Queen at Tamilanda), daughter of Ch.Salsusa Blackjack JW. Poppy was bred by Mr. and Mrs. L. Cutts and was the start of my addiction to Dalmatians.


    Eight months later, Kevin and I added another bitch to our kennel – Summer  (Kajezza Vicky Ticky Toria at Tamilanda). Bred by Mark and Denise, she was a fantastic show girl with whom we were very successful. But the Kennel became as one on the 7th October 2000 when yes, the `I.O.U. one Dalmatian Puppy` really did come true when the ownership of Ch.Salsusa Blackjack JW was transferred to Kevin and i. So dreams really do come true. He was my everything and it was a pleasure to be part of his life.


    In June we acquired a son of Jake`s – Blue (Spiredal Just Black at Tamilanda JW), bred by Rose and George Fletcher.


    We were very unlucky with our two girls as Poppy never had a season and Summer DID NOT want puppies. So when they reached the age of 7 years, we had them spayed and we had not produced our own litter of Tamilanda puppies.

    In 2004 we added Stella our foundation bitch to the Tamilanda line (Tumbril Tickled Pink to Tamilanda)  and in May 2008 we finally produced our first litter.  What an experience that was – emotions roller-coasting on highs and lows throughout the pregnancy culminating in the successful delivery of twelve beautiful puppies, of which we kept two sisters Lilly (Tamilanda Lilly the Pink JW ShCM ) black spotted girl & Honey (Tamilanda Hot Pink ) our liver spotted girl. The journey continues.


In November 2008 the first Tamilanda puppies made their debut in the show ring. I was filled with excitement and anticipation to see our Tamilanda name in the big ring: win or lose I was so proud and the journey continues....