Tamilanda Hint of Pink with Beanakins


She is owned and shown lightly by Jacqui and Tim Platt.

Izzy was introduced to the horse and carriage from a very early age fortunately our good friends and neighbours Eddie and Elaine Haines drive their horse Henry for pleasure and competitively in carriage trials (the equivalent to a 3 day event). They were more than happy to have us tagging along to events to get Izzy used to the noise and smells. She loved all the attention what dalmatian puppy wouldn't !
When Henry was out along our lane we made sure Izzy saw him and we eventually let her walk behind the carriage with someone on the ground holding her lead, this was for a very short distance and done at 6mths old. We slowly progressed to her being led off of the back step of the carriage for very short periods, then being in the highlands everyone hibernates for the winter.
Izzy was re introduced in the spring of 2009 she had matured into a fine looking dalmatian that moves like a dream, she had kept us fit during the winter ( with us always keeping in mind her age and not over-doing it) no body had told Izzy this !!
To continue her carriage education we introduced her to running next to the bike wheels this got her used to the noise and also toughened her feet up , then slowly we put her back behind the carriage she has taken to it like a duck to water !! We keep sessions short and fun, and at present on grass .We will gradually introduce road running and we are hoping to take her out with Henry properly at the end of the season, as by then she will be 18mths old and  before we hibernate again into a highlands winter !


Tamilanda Blush Pink at Dotsadaisy


Doing what comes natural


Tamilanda Bluewater Lilly at Dotsadaisy